We are an independent community of specialty mental healthcare providers, advocating for the rights of OHP patients and Oregon’s mental health provider community.

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Our Mission

The closure of FamilyCare Health has resulted in the transition of nearly 113,000 Oregonians to Health Share. Scores of high risk and high needs patients may lose their established care providers but will also face great uncertainty in the ongoing management of their mental and behavioral health needs. Our mission is to sustain both the quality care patients enjoyed under Familycare, and the viability of our health care practice.


Our Proposal

As providers and subject matter experts, working on the front lines of Oregon’s mental health crisis, we have identified the the most pressing issues related to patient safety and access and make the following operational recommendations.

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The case rate payment system results in restriction on the number of sessions for clients and payment to providers. This results in the unethical rationing of mental health care to cut costs. 

Join Us

We need your help. Whether you are a mental health provider, patient, community partner, or a concerned community member, your voice matters.

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